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Interview with Deborah Antich, Traveling Psychic Supper Club. Deborah shares her experiences a psychic and how her psychic development supper club can benefit anyone interested in developing their intuition and psychic skills. 

Hello, thank you for joining my second episode in the Walk-In Investigations Series. In this episode I am sharing a powerful writing method that I learned by accident. I invite you to try it. It will take your novel writing to a whole new level. This is especially powerful if you are trying to create an emotional response with your readers.


Welcome to Walk-In Investigations. My plan is to start a podcast that helps people understand the normal in paraNormal. My first and I hope frequent guest will be Deborah Antich. She is a clairvoyant channel, reader of Akashic Records, and conductor of alchemy crystal bowls. I have a hyperlink to her Traveling Psychic Supper Club on the contacts page.

Welcome to Walk-In Investigations-Streaming James, the sequel to Streaming Sarah. Who better than the victim to help solve their murder? Homicide detective Katie Hanson can pierce the veil between the living and the dead. Follow Katie as she takes on cases that need her special skills. Sample Chapter for Streaming Sarah: //a.co/ftZmiQ6


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